blog #45

Inspired by comic books, where it seems like it’s always in Issue #45 that the hero suddenly realizes that his love interest is actually his archnemesis, once again kick-starting the physical and moral battle between good and evil:

“damn she evil! … sure gonna miss that whip, though…”

(it’s not really always in Issue #45)

Much like that, this is the episode (/blogsite) where I realize that I don’t have to be a total slacker and can actually just maybe maintain a site without giving up after day 3 under the guise of “this is too hard”, “I have writer’s block”, or the ever-present “I’ll do it later”.

blog #45 is therefore my 45th attempt at some sort of consistent creative situation.

(it’s not really my 45th attempt)

Wish me luck.

this blog is brought to you by the number 45
Accomplishment makes me grouchy.

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