Twisted Mathematics / Carry the One / 31 Days Later

31 days later and nothing’s changed
31 days later and everything’s still the same
but somehow it’s different
tried to add it up on my mind’s abacus
come to find out it’s all just twisted mathematics

31 days later and with a 1 over the 3
1/3 of our selves was extracted when
the map of our souls was shredded
like a skirt caught in a weed-wacker
exposing legs for days
and leaving us in the tattered rags of our collective shame

31 days x10
for the 10 extra days vacation for Eid
a feeble attempt by a scared government to appease
in the hopes that you’ll be too relieved
to remember nas Omdurman
who took to the streets
because they were tired of having no water to drink

And yet 31 days and still “zayyyy ma khaleiteena” (just as you left us)
31 days later and lissa nafs al7ala (still the same)
but don’t you know that 31 days is all it took to bring down two world leaders
don’t you know that *they* are scared shitless of us getting buck like Syria? or worse, liberated like Libya?

Change can be easy
even when the math is wacky
if you just carry the 1 and drop the 3
and reclaim your individual responsibility
to better your society.

originally written on August 27, 2011

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