#SudanRevolts / SpokenWord


You are far but not forgotten
for I see you in California’s Redwoods
trees like straight arrows of truth bearing witness
sharpened pencils writing testaments
I whisper to them to make note of the story of those
whose words are choked by the tin grip on their throats
let the red of their trunks bleed into the soil and serve as a blueprint
my people’s struggle is the sediment
24 years of evidence
it’s time for the cause to finally meet its consequence

You are far but not forgotten
for I see you in the fog on the hills
floating silently in the wind
a thick veil of precipitation
reminiscent of vinegar soaked rags over mouths and noses
and little man in his sky blue 3ala Allah (sirwal kamees) and white 3imma (turban)
masked crusader with a cautionary message for those fil qimma (at the top)

You are far but not forgotten
for i see you in the waves crashing on the Pacific coast
beating at the shoreline like a woman washing clothes on the banks of the Nile
Da3akat ganjata fil teen
(she rubbed her ganja* in the mud)
7adda 3ala alzaman aljameel
(mourning the good old days)
uw awlada almatu hawaan bei ism eldin
(and her sons who died in vain in the name of religion)
the foam of the waves transforms before my sights
into the rabid spittle of an enraged people
cursing a master who from their suffering has long since averted his gaze

You are far but not forgotten
for I see you in the terrain and topography
you’re the solid mountain base of this country
and they fancy themselves the snow-capped peaks
they grew like raggedy weeds in our same hoods and streets
and now they tryin’ to cast us out of our own legacy
that’s why i can’t forget you
because you made those who made me
you’re the handbook to my complexity
my tether to reality
so on this day i choose to no longer turn the other cheek
fuck them
I’m fighting for life and liberty
in every corner of bilaadi (my country).


*ganja is a dress made of very rough cotton that women used to wear to indicate that they are in mourning.

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