Love Poem

This poem was written sometime in 2013, in response to a complaint from a young man who approached me after a poetry slam to tell me that he gave me a score of zero because I “should have written about more important things, like love”


Sugar lump, honey pie
Do save me from my critical mind
I long to write you love sonnets
But I just keep getting sidetracked by this pesky world and its problems
Like that day I wrote about skin bleaching creams
Instead of addressing your love for me
I know it was superficial and stupid
To leave your love undocumented
But in my own special way
I was paying homage to your name

I know how you like them fair and lovelies.

Darling sweetums,
I long to write you love poems
But they keep telling me you lack the mental agility
To comprehend me lyrically
And I ignore their cries on your stupidity

Because I love your simplicity.

Oh shmoopsie poo,
How I love your idiot savant wisdom and child-like world view
You accept people of any color
White, black, yellow, or orange
And while thousands lie in special hospital wards
Battling the festering wounds of skin disease
You dismiss it all as new age conspiracy
Orchestrated by the illuminati.

Babycakes, please don’t be mad,
But I just get so jealous
Of the way you look at those multi colored angels
Because I long to burn the skin off my face
If that meant keeping your love and grace
Even though I can’t help but think
That if you truly loved me, you’d encourage me to appreciate how God made me
… or at least want me to be healthy

Damn this questioning mind of mine!

Out of all the characters in the Wizard of Oz, you know who I hate the most?

The Scarecrow

‘Cause he doesn’t realize how lucky he is
To be unable to think

Oh what bliss! To live in ignorance!

5 thoughts on “Love Poem

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your poetry slam encounter. Why are people like that? No wonder I have stage fright. There is always a hater lurking in the bushes. The scarecrow is indeed lucky, as long as he does not figure out what’s wrong with him. Great poetry. x

      • You seem like such a well mannered person and I am sure it was a shock. You know, when I get these types of Scarecrow comments, I am encouraged to do more of what my detractors dislike or can’t understand. I’ve had a great response as a result. Your poetry “thing” is important because you wrote it. x

  2. Ha! That idiot really didn’t know what poetry is about, did he? It really irritates me when the perception of poetry is either “something that rhymes”, “something you write in a valentine’s card” or “something miserable and dark that teenagers write”. It’s only by getting out there and using your wonderful voice that anyone will learn otherwise. xox

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